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Not currently meeting.

                   Manchester, IA area

                            Let's Be Still-Stillness Group
Sunday mornings 10-11am
Backbone State Park - Beach Entrance
*Group meets in the open area just beyond the playground

Led by Joni Puffett
Contact: jpyogajoy@gmail.com
Join the group on Facebook for updates on meeting times and locations -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/678061362744648/?source_id=105390864392766

All meditators are welcome!

​​​   Stillness Groups
Just sitting very quietly, erect and wakeful, we feel calmer and more at ease.  We understand things more clearly, and our appreciations and empathies grow.  Sitting with others greatly enhances this experience.  Stillness Groups provide regular opportunities to do just that

What to expect:  Sitting sessions last one hour.  Participants usually sit on chairs, though some prefer floor cushions.  They face one another in a circle.  A session is divided into three periods of sitting.  After the first and second period, participants walk single file clockwise once around the room to stretch their legs and refresh their wakefulness. One sitter, often the person who has organized the group, keeps time and signals the beginning and ending of periods with a bell or clap of hands.  Participants should feel free to lie down or leave early as desired.  Before and after the session participants have an opportunity to socialize or ask for help with difficulties they may be having with their practice.

Stillness Groups:

  • Are non-religious, but often enrich the devotional experience of those who are religious
  • Expect absolute confidentiality regarding anything said among participants.
  • Do not require special abilities like sitting cross-legged, or shutting down thoughts.
  • Are suitable for almost everyone, including sufferers of PTSD, bi-polar disorder, addictions, grief, anxiety …
  • Do not involve trance states or other non-normal mental experiences or attempt to explain the experiences of participants through any belief system.
  • Have no hierarchy of authority, although some participants volunteer to organize groups or keep time.
  • Charge no fees and ask for no donations.
  • Are not intended as formal, professionally led support groups.
  • Have no expectations or requirements for those involved; no vows or commitments


Current Stillness Groups:

Stillness Groups are now back at Body and Soul, Tuesdays, 6:15-7:15 pm; and will be meeting at the Rountree Gallery (120 W. Main St.) in Platteville, Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 pm.  Both spaces are quite large and airy, and we request masks and maximum distancing.  Please bring whatever props help you sit comfortably -- chairs are provided.  

Platteville Stillness Group

                                    Thursdays, 5:30 - 6:30 pm                

                                             Rountree Gallery (second floor)

                                                   120 W. Main St.

                                             Platteville, WI


                                            Dubuque Stillness Group

                              Tuesdays, 6:15-7:15 pm
                                              Body and Soul Wellness Center and Spa
                                              2728 Asbury Rd.
                                              Dubuque, IA 52001
Additional information:

  Jeff Wright  MA, E-RYT500
                                           (608) 348-6060

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 Winter Solstice Sitting - 2020

*  Monday - 21 December - Mines of Spain - 4 pm
-  Good weather - picnic area between Horseshoe Bluff and Canoe Launch - turn at the 3 way stop.
-  Bad weather (snow or rain :/) - we'll be at the pavilion on the new paved trail at the EB Lyons Nature Center off of Hwy 52 S.  We'll post on Facebook if are moving to this alternate site. 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/352143042762054 - "Stillness Groups"

*  We will be gathering at 4 pm - sitting practice will begin at 4:30.  If you are late - not a problem ... just pull up a chair and join us ... same freedom if you decide you want to leave early for whatever reason.

*  Instead of sitting on the cold ground, we will provide chairs to sit on.  If you have your own chair you feel more comfortable with, please feel free to bring it.  (And if you feel the desire to sit on the ground, you are more than welcome … just no complaining 😊)

*  It will be a shortened session that we usually do - just three 10 minute sessions with walking meditation to stretch the legs and warm up.  There will be some natural light when we begin, but it will be dark when we finish.  I'm hoping our eyes will adjust to the dark and there will be no need for flashlights, but we will have on hand if needed.

*  We will have some refreshments afterwards and light friendly conversation.

For more information contact Katheryn at Katheryn.Sitting@yahoo.com.  

Way of Stillness

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Midwest Yoga & Oneness Festival 2021

(November 13-15, 2021)

Don't miss this chance to study with nationally acclaimed presenters, mingle with like minded people, AND join our Stillness Group (free of admission).  We'll be sitting throughout the Festival at the end of the atrium, near the windows that look out on the Mississippi River.  Sit as little or long as you like. That part of the Festival is free of admission.