Photo by Karl Rohnke

Way of Stillness

Jeff Wright


I began my formal study and practice of stillness over fifty years ago while an undergraduate majoring in philosophy at the University of Minnesota. In 1972 I made a serious commitment to a meditative tradition taught by Swami Veda Bharati (1933-2015).  That involved a personal mantra initiation and a number of disciplined life style vows.  In 1981 I completed  an MA in Education and began a thirty year career teaching emotionally disturbed adolescents.  In 1986 I began teaching yoga, both in my high school classroom, and evenings throughout the Tri-state area.  I continued my yoga training and in 2013 completed my E-RYT 500  certification with Scott Anderson (Alignment Yoga).  By now I estimate that I have had 1,000  hours of formal yoga instruction by various teachers, and have taught over 5,000 yoga classes.  I have also written a number of yoga related articles for Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and Yoga Iowa, and have published two books:  Dubuque Yoga  (2001) and Way of Stillness(2015).Through all of these years I have also lived a very rich and satisfying life as a family man.

With such a dedicated background you would think that I would have a wealth of insights and techniques regarding the inward path.  That may be true to some extent, but in fact, each year finds me jettisoning dearly held theories and traditions. They seem superfluous and often misleading and even fallacious.  If age has me gradually shedding muscle mass, it also has me understanding reality ever more fundamentally.  I am finally left with a core understanding and practice -- both simple and profound -- that is accessible to every human being regardless of capacity or background.  I would like to share it with you.