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The Way of Stillness proposes a simple, effective  path to both personal and societal peace.  Setting aside the elaborations of exotic tradition, enticing expectations, and any hierarchies of knowledge and skill, the way of stillness requires only that we develop a habit of taking the time to sit regularly, erect, calmly, and wakefully, without moving .  No more, no less.

I believe that  by sitting in stillness our brains are allowed to process and thereby reduce the emotional intensity that frequently overwhelms and obscures our experience of the present moment.  I also believe that sitting in stillness often results in spontaneous feelings of appreciation, gratitude, and thus, compassionate behavior.

A carefully constructed discussion of this path is available in my book, Way of Stillness(2015).  It may be purchased on-line from the tab, "About Way of Stillness".  Additional pieces on the subject will be found under the tab, "Short writings".

The way of stillness is very much a way of action.  Sitting with others on a weekly basis supports and enhances our practice greatly.  Because of that I have organized  a number of Stillness Groups  in the Tri-State area.  For more information about what to expect from these opportunities , as well as a list of current Stillness Groups, please go to the tab, "Stillness Groups".  Also, check out some very worthwhile special events coming up in the near future.(Click the tab, "Events".)

Way of Stillness

No Stillness Group in Dubuque 12/25 and 1/1.