Current Stillness Groups:

                                        Platteville Stillness Group

                                              Wednesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 pm                

                                               Rooted Yoga Studio (on the second floor of the Rountree Gallery)
                                               120 W. Main St.
                                               Platteville, WI  

Announcement:  Our Platteville Stillness Group is moving back inside after a great summer in Smith Park.  Starting September 13, we'll once again sit at  Rooted  Studio, LLC.

                                          Dubuque Stillness Group

                                              Tuesdays, 6:15-7:15 pm

                                              Body and Soul Wellness Center and Spa
                                              2728 Asbury Rd.
                                              Dubuque, IA 52001
 Additional information:

                                                Jeff Wright  MA, E-RYT500

                                                Face Book "Stillness Groups"
                                                (608) 642-3156


        Free Introductory Class

We'll be offering another FREE introductory class,
TBA from 5:30 -6:00 pm at Body & Soul Wellness Center and Spa (2728 Asbury Rd., Dubuque). Like our class in March, it will be a time to explain what and why we do what we do, to ask questions, share, and get comfortable. Afterwards we'll all sit as usual from 6:15-7:15, and of course, new participants will know that it's quite appropriate to be there only as long as they prefer.

If you receive our emails as a former yoga student, but have never sat with us, please consider giving it a try on the 16th. For those of you who sit with us, please share this opportunity with those you think might be interested. And, don't forget to mention that many of us sit on chairs; and that we welcome everyone -- every background; every spiritual persuasion, or lack thereof.

"Come sit with us!"


Up-coming Seasonal Sitting: 



             Autumnal Equinox Sitting 2022

Dear friends,
Each succeeding celebration of seasonal change seems better than the last. Katheryn has established a wonderful tradition that brings the power of simply sitting to the joys of community and the natural world. The weather was excellent, and it was so good to catch up with old friends and meet new ones as well.

A big thanks to Katheryn for organizing this event and providing fire, Scotcheroos, chai, poetry, photos, and enthusiasm. Also, to Jim for his profound closing mantra, and Auni for her unexpected gift of brand new hoodies for everyone. (It was plenty warm as we began, but enough chill at the end that we were quite grateful for her gift. Welcome to the quick shifts of Autumn...)

I'm looking forward to seeing you back indoors each Tuesday at Body & Soul and Wednesdays at Rooted Studio.

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                          Summer Solstice Sitting 2022

Dear friends,

Celebrating the peak of summer yesterday, with temperatures in the 90's, we took to the shade of the park shelter, and a nice breeze kept us comfortable. Katheryn's customary fire log was appropriately replaced by a jar of fresh flowers. As we sat, we could hear Red Wing Blackbirds gabbing up on the hill as they do towards evening. Afterwards, we snacked on Katheryn's tasty veggie kabobs, quaffed blackberry-raspberry iced tea, and had many wonderful conversations. I can think of no better way to celebrate community -- our group of dedicated sitters, or the greater community of the myriad beings around us.



Past seasonal sittings:


Autumnal Equinox Sitting 2003

Last Sunday we observed the equinox at EB Lyons. In celebration, some of us provided poetry, chanting, or a mudra for all to try. In addition to organizing the event, Katheryn served chai and delicious Scotcheroos. But at the heart of our celebration was our time sitting together in silence -- soaking up the mild sunshine of Autumn, smelling the prairie around us, hearing the birds preparing for journey.

Our way is easily overlooked because of its simplicity. No cost, no mandatory beliefs, no promises, no hierarchy of teaching. But simplicity is in fact its strength. Its uniqueness. Just sitting. And the joy of sitting with others.
Come sit with us!

(Every Tuesday in Dubuque at Body & Soul Wellness Center, 6:15-7:15; and every Wednesday in Platteville at Rooted Yoga Studio, 6;30-7:30.)


         Winter Solstice Sitting 2022
Dear friends,
Yesterday in the dusk of late afternoon (12 degrees), we gathered once again at EB Lyons. Katheryn -- organizer of our quarterly celebrations -- started us out with a Papuan proverb: Knowledge is just a rumor until it's in the muscle. I've stressed that sitting with a group strengthens our personal stillness practice. Yesterday, it was obvious that the reverse is also very true. Community is ever so deepened when we sit still together. It was beautiful -- such a diverse group enjoying such spontaneous affection. Many were wearing the warm sweatshirts that Auni donated in September. Katheryn's hot lemon tea was perfect. Our knowledge was clearly in the muscle.

Come sit with us! (It's muscle!)


Summer Solstice Sitting 2023

Dear friends,
It was a very powerful celebration.  The heat, the long-songed birds, the smell of the prairie ... and most of all the camaraderie of all who attended; being with friends, old and new.

A huge thanks to Katheryn, for her organization, her poem, her drum, the welcome refreshment of fruit kabobs and icy, fruit-infused water.


Spring Equinox Sitting 2023

Dear friends,
A big thanks to Katheryn and all who attended our sitting last evening as we celebrated the balance point of night and day. Once again, the ground was soft, the temperature chilly, but not too uncomfortable, and the redwing blackbird chatter further up the hill was bright. 


While sharing some questionable attractions of a polar plunge, the Winter Solstice Sitting is also truly the most profound of Katheryn's seasonal celebrations. Not to be missed, so dress warmly, and

                          Come sit with us!

                                               at EB Lyons, 4:00 pm, December 20. Details below.

Winter Solstice Sitting - 2023
Wednesday - 20 December – 4 pm
Mines of Spain – EB Lyons Nature Center

Hwy 52 South – at the intersection with 151/61 – you will drive past Banworth & Udelhoven furniture store – and follow county park signs for EB Lyons/Mines of Spain. Meet by the paved path at the northern most parking lot. You will be able to see the pavilion – we will meet there or on the grassy area where the grass trail starts. We will most likely use the tables in the pavilion and have some blankets available - or bring what you need to be comfortable ... I think it may be a cold one :/) We will do as much sitting practice as the weather allows ... shorter if the weather is on the cold side ... probably at least one circle walk :))

Again - we will have some “creative expression” – such as poetry reading and chanting at the beginning and end of our sitting practice - if you have a something you would like to share, please feel free to join in. There will be refreshments afterwards and some light friendly conversation ... wrapping up about 5 or 5:30 ... depending on the weather.

And yes Jeff, there will be a fire.

All are Welcome ...

Come Sit with Us!

Questions & Comments:

Check Facebook (“Stillness Groups”) or for details and updates. If weather is too bad for safe driving, we’ll cancel :(